PRSI Patients

In the December 2009 budget the government effectively abolished this longstanding and excellent system, which made Irish dental care the envy of many countries. All that remains of the PRSI dental benefit is one free yearly examination.

The PRSI patient's charge for a scale and polish is just €50. Contact us to make an appointment when you annual examination is due!

Private Fees

As each case has a different level of complexity, it is always better to have a full examination first, which allows us to provide you with an honest and detailed treatment plan.

General Cost
Examination, Diagnosis & Treatment Plan €40
Prescription €30
Bridge (per unit) €350-€500
Tooth Whitening €250
Sports Gumshield €100
Dental Hygiene Cost
Scale & Polish(Dentist) per visit €50
Advanced Gum Treatment €80-€300
X-Rays €20
Restorations Cost
Fillings (White) Composite €70-€120
Fillings (Silver) Amalgam €70-€90
Extractions Cost
Routine Extraction €70-€90
Surgical Extraction €100-€150
Dentures Cost
Acrylic-based Dentures €400-€950
Metal-based Dentures €700-€950
Root Canal Treatment €200-€500
Crowns €500-€1000
Core/Post Preparation €100-€150
Children's Fees Cost
Examination & Diagnosis €30
Fissure Sealants €25 per tooth